Saturday, 25 October 2014

When Did Feminism Become Weird?

Last week Time magazine ran an article entitled It's Not Just You. Feminism Does Seem To Be Getting Weirder. In it, the piece asked how we can push things forward despite pop-culture spinning feminism round faster than a fairground waltzer in reverse.
'On one hand, an increasingly diverse chorus of academic, pop culture, and male voices is claiming the F-word label', it began. 'On the other, it can sometimes look like this diverse set of voices - each with its own set of demands and priorities - will doom the movement through internecine warfare over everything from abortion to hashtag activism.'
The headline itself made me feel weird, much like the celebrity feminism we're calling out these days, but for different reasons.
I find Gwyneth Paltrow's goop website a bit weird or Donny Osmond's wig on last weeks Strictly Come Dancing, but feminism itself? If indeed there is something unnatural or unearthly about this so-called 'crossroads' we hashtag-feminists are tweeting at, is it right to finger-blame an entire movement? I'm not sure that it is, really.
Headlines are, in fact, part of the problem between feminism and the media these days: the personification of feminist theory is a baffling development that increasingly -read more-

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Crocodile' spotted in garden turns out to be inflatable

The inflatable crocodile that was found in a garden in PlymouthWhen the mother of a toddler spotted a crocodile in the her garden, she was naturally worried for the safety of her three-year-old.
Fortunately, after calling in the police and keepers from the nearest zoo, her alarm turned to relief, when it was discovered that the metre-long reptile in question was an inflatable toy.
The woman, who was making lunch in her kitchen when she spotted the imitation beast, intiailly ran to her neighbour's house, on Cundy Close, Plymouth. They warned her that is was too dangerous to approach the animal, which they said was probably a baby crocodile, unarmed
Even police officers and wildlife experts from Dartmoor Zoo, who sooon turned up, were initially fooled. It was only when officers, who were armed with snare poles, nets and riots shields, threw water over the toy that they realised what it was.
The imitation croc was removed from the garden and placed in police custody, while the Dartmoor Zoo team were stood down.
"I was making my lunch in the kitchen and looked out into the back garden," the woman, who did not wish to be named, said.
"It was pouring with rain and I saw what I thought was a crocodile in the garden. I went to my neighbour's house to ask if they would come and have a look at it.
"They did think it was a baby crocodile and suggested calling the RSPCA or the police but we decided to call the police as I have a three-year-old and was worried.
"A policeman and a policewoman arrived and at that point we were all a bit suspicious because it hadn't moved.
"One of the police officers bravely went out to have a look. They threw water on it and it didn't move. I'm absolutely mortified."
A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that officers attended the incident following the woman's call at 12.20pm.
He added: "We received a call from a concerned member of the public reporting that an escaped crocodile was in their garden, approximately 3ft in length.
"The caller was concerned for her child and the RSPCA and Dartmoor Zoo were informed and on their way to the zoo.
"Police officers attended and bravely investigated. The beast turned out to be an inflatable toy crocodile. Police have apprehended the crocodile."
A spokesman for Dartmoor Zoo said experts were regularly called out to deal with escaped pets including lizards and snakes.
He said the zoo received a call from police at around 12.30pm and assembled a team to attend the garden within 15 minutes.
"The team were on the road with all the equipment needed," the zoo spokesman said. "They were halfway there when we received a call from the police to say it was a toy.
"Our team have a variety of equipment to deal with such situations, including snare poles, nets on poles and riot shields.
"We also have dart guns but did not bring them on this occasion."


Doubt this article is true.During a viewing of New Dracula movie a squirrel leap  from above ,the person who witnessed this said Vampire Squirrel .The cinema closed and hunted for the Squirrel but no luck the cinema  offered the film goer a refund and a free showing of film.

24 gloriously weird wikiHow guides

All of human life is here.

From the most basic emotions…


Top tip: “Take notice of their preferred activities, and try to initiate some time together in doing those things. “

…To the ins and outs of the heart


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Six weird and wacky ways to cut energy bills

1. Radiator Booster
For around £25 you can buy a radiator booster which could cut your heating bills by 10pc, it is claimed. The tube sits on top of a radiator and a small thermostatic fan draws the heat trapped behind the radiator and distributes it evenly around the room. Although the fan does make a small sound, test labs have found the booster heats up a room more quickly than without it.
2. Heat powered fan for wood burning stove
Amazon says that sales for this type of fan are up 72pc since the weather turned cooler this week. The fan sits atop the stove and circulates the warm air that would otherwise be confined to the immediate area of the stove.
They cost around £50 and do not need batteries.READ MORE-

Video: Under attack spider explodes unleashing an army of babies

Isn’t nature gross?
In a scene that would not look to out of place in one of Ridley Scott’s Alien films, a video has captured the moment when a duelling spider explodes causing twelve smaller arachnids to burst out from its back .
The clip begins inconspicuously enough, with the two spiders seemingly sizing each other up as they circle the jar in which they are being kept.
However, when one of the insects comes under attack, it reacts by unleashing an army of twelve tiny spiders in what could be one of the most elaborate forms of self-defence in the animal kingdom.READ MORE AND SEE VIDEO LINK-

Ebola 'risen from the dead' zombie story is a complete hoax

The ‘confirmed picture’ is a doctored image from World War Z

Saturday, 4 October 2014


The goat with a human face was sadly already dead when it was bornThe shocked farmer and his family claim that the calf would bring them bad luck, and rushed to bury the animal – that was already dead when it was born.
One of the farmer's neighbours snapped pics of the goat to highlight the excessive use of pesticides in the region of Centro, Argentina.
But supersticious locals decided it was something else altogether, and started spreading rumours that someone connected to the family had been having sex with a goat, producing the mutated offspring.
The farmer's wife Olga Villalba has now been forced into furious denials saying that neither her family or friends had interfered with the goat in any way.READ MORE-

American TV presenter chased off screen by 'giant bee'

An American television weather presenter was chased off camera after the appearance of a giant bee in her studio. Jennifer Ketchmark, a meteorologist presenting on Fox59, was caught on camera fleeing the studio after what looks to be a giant 3ft bee invades the Indianapolis weather tower. After initially joking with her co-hosts about the insect, the weather presenter briefly loses her sense of humour when the bee arrives. Remaining calm, the presenter screams “Oh my gosh it’s back,” before hotfooting it off camera. “Let’s get past the tower cam, I don’t want to look at it anymore,” she says as she appears to dodge the bee. The great footage was caught when the errant bee decided for a close-up, flying right up to the camera’s lens – and appearing larger than life.-READ MORE-