Saturday, 26 March 2016

Alabama city cracking down on diaperless horses

SELMA, Ala. (AP) — The west Alabama city of Selma is planning a crackdown on what one councilman says is a big problem: Horse droppings.
The City Council passed a law three years ago requiring that horses wear diapers when on city streets, but Councilman Michael Johnson says riders aren't following the law.
Johnson says he doesn't mind people riding horses in the city of 20,000. But he's bothered by the smell and other sanitary problems created by horses on city streets.
The Selma-Times Journal ( ) quotes Police Chief John Brock as saying officers will be stricter enforcing the diaper law. He says the department will issue warnings for a first offense and citations for repeat offenders.
There could be plenty of tickets: Johnson says he's seen just one diaper-wearing horse in town.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Shocking tiny SEX ROBOT which looks like schoolgirl is on sale for £770 and comes delivered in 'coffin'

Shocking tiny SEX ROBOT which looks like schoolgirl is on sale for £770 and comes delivered in 'coffin'

This revolting doll which is designed to look like a young girl comes complete in a wooden style coffin

ShengYi Tiny sex girl robot which looks like a 12-year-old is on sale for £700 and delivered in a 'coffin'
Creepy: Tiny sex girl robot which looks like a 12-year-old
Sex toy makers have developed a tiny robot doll that looks just like a 12-year-old girl and comes complete with its very own 'coffin.'
The sick doll which is custom made to suit the needs of its owner comes delivered wrapped up like a mummy and in a wooden style box that looks set for burial.
And it's wearing a black dress as if it's in mourning.
Weighing just four stones and measuring 2ft 4 inch tall the doll invented by Chinese company ShengYi has been newly released to market costs just £770.=read more =

Puppy frozen in time for 12,400 years is thawed by scientists in remarkable footage

Scientists have 'thawed' an extinct species of dog - which is thought to have been frozen in Siberian permafrost ice for 12,400 years.
The ancient puppy still has its own teeth, and its brain is also thought to be intact.
Experts are examining whether the young animal was a "pet", while controversial South Korean cloning guru Hwang Woo-suk - present at a remarkable autopsy of the extinct Pleistocene canid - has taken samples in a bid to bring the extinct species back to life.
A video shows how mud and dirt from a dozen millennia was washed off the frozen puppy ahead of a post mortem on the animal in Yakutsk, capital of Russia's Sakha Republic, where the mummified remains were found on a steep bank of River Syalakh.
The puppy was found to be well preserved, including the brain, reported The Siberian Times, which revealed the pictures and video from the procedure.
Russian expert Dr Pavel Nikolsky, research fellow of the Geological Institute, Moscow, said: "The carcass is preserved really very more=

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mystery monster sea blob washes up on beach and terrifies tourists unidentified 13ft-long blob stunned beach-goers, who were quick to take photos of the beast.
The mysterious creature found itself on Bonfil Beach, in the city of Acapulco, in south-west Mexico.
Rosa Camacho, coordinator the civil guard and fire brigade, said the animal had not been dead long but seemed to have rapidly started to decay.
She said: "We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid aroma."
It is understood the body was brought to shore by strong more=

Saturday, 5 March 2016

World's biggest photo' hiding VERY naughty secret

At a staggering 24.9 BILLION pixels, this image is thought to be the largest in the world.
That means you could print it out as a photograph 1km x 2km in size – and it would still look good quality.
You can zoom in to the and look around the scene – in Shanghai, China – as if through a telescope.
And zooming in reveals a very, very cheeky scene.=READ MORE AND SEE PHOTO =