Saturday, 21 May 2016

Topless woman 'uses breasts as weapons to attack security guard in smoking ban row'

Topless woman

This is the bizarre moment a woman appears to use her breasts as a weapon in a fight with a security guard after she was allegedly forbidden from smoking in a shop.
CCTV footage caught the woman whipping off her top and throwing it at the guard after she was told to stand outside the betting shop if she wanted to smoke.
It is believed the strange fight took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The scene starts with the woman walking into the shop with a lit and see images

Mystery 'werewolf' creature terrifying families in Hull sparks major hunt

Wolf howling at the moon
Residents have reported sightings of a terrifying werewolf
Residents of Hull have reported several sightings of a mystery "werewolf" which has terrified locals and sparked a hunt for the creature.
Reports suggest the 8ft "beast" is half-man-half-creature, lurks around industrial estates and has allegedly been spotted eating a dog .
Some believe it is an old folklore legend called Old Stinker - a wolf that transforms into a man at the full moon.
Old Stinker is traditionally known to wander the Yorkshire Wolds.
The new sightings of the mystery being were reported at an old water channel called the Barmston Drain during Christmas.
One woman claims to have seen the beast stand on its hind legs in a terrifying incident which left her shaking-read more

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Medical staff reveal ridiculous excuses patients gave for weird sex injuries

When you go to A&E with one of these injuries, it's probably best to just tell the truth - they know you're lying. Warning: Some may find content disturbing,

Going to the doctor about a problem "down there" is embarrassing enough, thanks to our traditional British inability to talk about sex with anyone - even medical professionals.
But imagine if you'd sustained an injury during the act itself that made it even more cringeworthy.
Would you just admit it to the person treating you? Or would you try to pass it off as something else?
Medical professionals on social networking site Reddit were asked to share "the most overtly self-inflicted sexual injury" they had ever encountered that their patient had attempted to pass off as "completely innocently obtained."
Many of them will have you wincing as you read - and most involve some *very*-read more

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Weaponized Baseball' explores weird and worrisome aspects of the sport

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Spring has finally arrived, and baseball is back once again.
Ah yes, the sport that builds nations, foments revolution, distracts from scandals and massacres, propagandizes national policy, becomes a tool of war and espionage, and may have been the reason why Gen. George Armstrong Custer made his last stand.
At least that's baseball according to Scott Rowan, author of the new book, "Weaponized Baseball: Declassified, Withheld Stories Reveal Baseball's Hidden Role in Geopolitics, International Military Action, Mental Manipulation & Mass Distraction."
In it, Rowan bares the dark and sometimes weird aspects of a sport partially built on myth and misinformation.
A few examples from the book, written by a veteran sports reporter and editor, include:
A baseball rivalry within the Seventh Cavalry may have prompted more