Saturday, 7 May 2016

Weaponized Baseball' explores weird and worrisome aspects of the sport

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Spring has finally arrived, and baseball is back once again.
Ah yes, the sport that builds nations, foments revolution, distracts from scandals and massacres, propagandizes national policy, becomes a tool of war and espionage, and may have been the reason why Gen. George Armstrong Custer made his last stand.
At least that's baseball according to Scott Rowan, author of the new book, "Weaponized Baseball: Declassified, Withheld Stories Reveal Baseball's Hidden Role in Geopolitics, International Military Action, Mental Manipulation & Mass Distraction."
In it, Rowan bares the dark and sometimes weird aspects of a sport partially built on myth and misinformation.
A few examples from the book, written by a veteran sports reporter and editor, include:
A baseball rivalry within the Seventh Cavalry may have prompted more

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