Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ten weird and fascinating things every Londoner needs to see at... the Natural History Museum

Ten weird and fascinating things every Londoner needs to see at... the Natural History MuseumCursed jewels, exotic beasts and mysterious terrors of the deep – for centuries everything strange and peculiar has fascinated our curious little minds. With an 80 million-strong collection, the curators at London's Natural History Museum aren't at all strangers to things wonderfully creepy and wildly eccentric. The weirdest and scariest of the bunch live in the Darwin Centre, a magical building home to 22 million barmy specimens that cover a colossal 27 kilometres of floor and shelve space. From 'oh hell no' gasp-inducing scary snakes to ginormous squids, you can go and see these magnificent monsters for yourself on the awesome 'Spirit Collection' tour. Along with some of the stars from the main collection, here are ten of the weirdest, most fascinating and absolutely terrifying things you'll see at this national treasure.  -read more

Saturday, 20 August 2016

From melon and cheese Kit Kats to cinnamon Pepsi: Bizarre flavours from around the world from top brands that you'll NEVER get back home

Starbucks offer a yoghurt frappuccino in Greece, or pick up a frozen shake flavoured with algarrobina syrup in Peru. The coffee  chain makes a frappuccino that tastes like a local dessert in Brazil, while the strawberries and cream drink is only available in the UKChocolate, vanilla and strawberry suddenly seem very mundane when you realise some of the very strange flavours being sold around the world.
From melon-and-cheese flavoured Kit Kats in Japan to yoghurt and mint Doritos in Turkey, a new visual guide shows you where you can buy some of the rarest - and often weirdest - flavours of your favourite brands.
It comes after a limited-edition range of Oreo cookies flavoured like Swedish fish sweets left die-hard fans in the US puzzled last week.-read more

Saturday, 6 August 2016

8 weird Olympic events that no longer exist

Although the Olympic games have ancient roots in Greece, the modern Olympic Games started in 1896 in Athens. And what a wild first few decades it was. While the International Olympic Committee was still new, the organization dipped its toes into lots of odd, one-off events to see what viewers and attendees would be most interested in.
Here a few events that are no longer part of the Games, for better or for worse. -read more