Saturday, 20 August 2016

From melon and cheese Kit Kats to cinnamon Pepsi: Bizarre flavours from around the world from top brands that you'll NEVER get back home

Starbucks offer a yoghurt frappuccino in Greece, or pick up a frozen shake flavoured with algarrobina syrup in Peru. The coffee  chain makes a frappuccino that tastes like a local dessert in Brazil, while the strawberries and cream drink is only available in the UKChocolate, vanilla and strawberry suddenly seem very mundane when you realise some of the very strange flavours being sold around the world.
From melon-and-cheese flavoured Kit Kats in Japan to yoghurt and mint Doritos in Turkey, a new visual guide shows you where you can buy some of the rarest - and often weirdest - flavours of your favourite brands.
It comes after a limited-edition range of Oreo cookies flavoured like Swedish fish sweets left die-hard fans in the US puzzled last week.-read more

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