Saturday, 27 December 2014


The thing different about BARBARELLA BUCHER  is a bit weird.She married her two cats lugosi and spider and she even wore dress and did wedding vows.


Bob Brookes ,Mayhole,Switzerland found an odd story in a note from his granddad.This was that German soldiers wore woman's clothes  to do a panto in ww1 for British troops.This was to entertain the British during the 1914 Christmas truce.

These are 22 of the weirdest of the weird stories from 2014


Saturday, 20 December 2014

What is the weird 'dinosaur-like creature' washed up on beach baffling surfers and scientists?

This unusual creature has left residents baffled puzzled after being washed up on California beach. The brownish leather-skinned beast with sharp teeth and claws was found in Santa Barbara following a storm. Nobody has been able to identify what species of animal it is after it was discovered near a washout drain near the ocean.Although to many, it just looks like a decomposed seal, some have speculated it could have been roaming the Earth 65million years ago. One local said: "It looks like a combination of a dog and a seal." Another added: "To me it looks like the remnants of a dinosaur." Others thought it may be a bear, while some believe it is an American badger with its hair removed. MORE LIKELY A DOG I AM AFRAID HOW SAD.JON DOWNES-just putrefying

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Life on the Edge review – the weird world of quantum biology explained

The scent of an orange, a robin on the wing – nothing could be more festive. But if you think such simple delights are born of simple processes, think again. For as Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden reveal in Life on the Edge, they are rooted in mind-bending physics that made even Einstein think twice: quantum mechanics. While everything is made up of electrons, protons and other particles that obey the bizarre rules of quantum mechanics (among them, the possibility of particles existing in two places simultaneously), collisions, vibrations and so on within a material generally prevent such “trickery” affecting an object as a whole. As the authors point out: “The weird quantum stuff that happens at the level of the very small doesn’t usually make a difference to the big stuff like cars or toasters that we see and use every day.”read more-

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dark matter signal: Weird X-ray emission discovery could usher in new age of astronomy

Astronomers might have finally detected a signal emitted from dark matter - the hypothetical material that makes up most of the universe - and if confirmed, this would lead to a new era in astronomical study. Researchers looking at European Space Agency data from the XMM Newton spacecraft found a strange spike in X-ray emissions coming from the Andromeda galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster. These signals do not correspond to any known particle or atom, so could have been produced by dark matter. The findings will be published in Physical Review Letters. The presence of dark matter is a hypothetical approach to explaining the physics problem of discrepancies in the mass of objects measured based on gravitational effects, and their mass measured on observable matter. When physicists study galaxies and the movement of stars, they face an intrinsic problem – if they only take visible matter into account, equations do not add up. This means there must be something missing, so they deduced there is likely to be an invisible kind of matter that does not interact with light but does so with its surroundings – and this is called dark matter. Dark matter is hypothesised to make up over 84% of the total matter of the universe.READ MORE AND SEE MORE PHOTOS LINK- galaxy

Saturday, 6 December 2014

5 Weird Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of .

Sex is sometimes a very strange thing. There’s different strokes for different folks, and then there’s the weird fetishes that we’ve spent our afternoon reading about, for your entertainment (or pleasure). Check out the five below, that cover everything from Frozen-related fantasies to a fondness for Kim K’s ‘ugly crying face’. 1. Psychorophilia Do you really like Frozen? We mean, REALLY like Frozen? Then you may* have psychorophilia, which is arousal that comes from watching others freeze. Read more at