Saturday, 20 December 2014

What is the weird 'dinosaur-like creature' washed up on beach baffling surfers and scientists?

This unusual creature has left residents baffled puzzled after being washed up on California beach. The brownish leather-skinned beast with sharp teeth and claws was found in Santa Barbara following a storm. Nobody has been able to identify what species of animal it is after it was discovered near a washout drain near the ocean.Although to many, it just looks like a decomposed seal, some have speculated it could have been roaming the Earth 65million years ago. One local said: "It looks like a combination of a dog and a seal." Another added: "To me it looks like the remnants of a dinosaur." Others thought it may be a bear, while some believe it is an American badger with its hair removed. MORE LIKELY A DOG I AM AFRAID HOW SAD.JON DOWNES-just putrefying

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