Sunday, 22 April 2018

13 Weirdest Things People Have Ever Tried to Return

“A parking lot management company ordered 500 of our Safety Cone Stress Balls (approx. 3.25” tall) thinking they were REAL safety cones. Needless to say, when the order arrived, they definitely couldn’t put those out on the street and expect to keep anyone safe. The company was livid, demanding to get their money back. I guess our cute little stress toys weren’t doing their job and keeping them stress-free. Quality Logo Products later accepted this return because clearly there was a huge misunderstanding. It was way easier to bite the bullet than be possibly ambushed by Safety Cone Stress Balls outside of our office!” —Bret Bonnet, co-founder and president of Quality Logo Products=read more

Saturday, 13 January 2018

13 weird ways parents get children to sleep

Exhausted after Christmas and the new year? Are you craving a few more hours in bed? Are you a parent whose sleepless children are leaving you a sleep-starved wreck?
These days in early January are claimed as the darkest days for sleep deprivation.
The modern barometer for such moments - the number of Google searches - shows "child won't sleep" as reaching a worldwide peak of searches at this time of year.
You can just imagine those weary fingers tapping out the words, slumped over a mobile phone in the middle of the night, hoping for an answer.

New year zombies

Children are more wired than Maplin's shop window. They've been living on late nights, red-eyed computer games and party food and the chances of falling asleep are pretty much zero.=read more

Saturday, 6 January 2018

At least they're cheap! Hilarious internet gallery reveals the weird (and sometimes very rude) thing people find in charity shops

People have shared photos of the weird and wonderful items they've found in charity shops from bondage teddy bears to underwear made for two people.
Flabbergasted shoppers have posted an array of bizarre and often very inappropriate games, figurines and novelty items that are being sold to raise money for worthy causes.
Among the photos, posted on Reddit, are a chair covered in embroidered cats, two provocatively posed pig salt and pepper shakers and a furry set of scales.
Other items include, former US President George Bush Snr and Barbara Bush slippers and a picture of Monica Lewinsky with a white substance on her top lip.
While one photo shows a red t-shirt, making reference to the OJ Simpson murder trial  in 1995, with the caption: 'Drink apple juice, because OJ will kill you.'

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Earth is making a weird noise, and researchers have no idea why

Thanks to humans, the Earth is a pretty noisy place. We’re loud creatures — certainly more so than any other animal ever to walk the planet — and we’re even louder when we get together with other humans. But the Earth isn’t totally silent, even without noisy animals all over its surface, and scientists are trying to figure out why that is. For the very first time, researchers have captured an underwater recording of a mysterious noise that Earth has apparently be producing for eons, and they still aren’t sure why.
The sound which the planet produces is a low, steady, unceasing hum. Scientists have been attempting to record and explain the odd noise as far back as the late 1950s, with little concrete data to suggest its source. Now, new researchpublished in Geophysical Research Letters is attempting to explain why it happens, and scientists think it might have something to do with the ocean.=read more

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Let’s Talk About Why Toes Are So Weird

It’s time to talk about toes here on Burning Questions, which should be a relief to anyone who has read the last few installments. As always, I’m here to answer the questions you would feel weird asking anybody else.Today’s question is from a reader whose toes perplex him.
The toes on your feet? You can probably wiggle all of them, individually. You can probably curl them up so much that you can essentially hide them under your foot. It seems like everyone has this dexterity.
I do not.
I cannot curl my toes, I cannot individually wiggle each toe, I cannot hide them under my foot or curl them up on the carpet, or anything like that!
I don’t know why or what it is, I feel like a doctor would just tell me to stretch more, but my big toe can only go so far back before it hurts, and it isn’t much. My feet are fine, I don’t have a rare condition or anything else I’m aware of that is beyond asthma.
Trying to search this on google leads to nothing, I’ve never asked my doctor but I’ve been so curious to know if it is called something and how to get that =read more

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Weird signs you may need to see a doctor

HOUSTON - If you've ever heard chewing ice can mean you're lacking iron, it's true. There are also other, intense cravings that could indicate a metal deficiency in your body.
“There could be an overwhelming urge to have this craving, whatever it is, and so for instance if it's ice they might keep an ice cup at their desk all day long and chew ice all the time or if it's a secret, weird craving for like detergent or for like coffee grounds or something like that, a person might actually keep it near them and occasionally sniff it or weirdly even taste it,” said Dr. Robbyn Traylor from Next Level Urgent Care.
Traylor said that if you or someone you know has bizarre cravings, don't be shy to tell them to talk to a doctor.
In fact, chiming in for another weird health symptom: sweet smelling breath, could save lives.
“If suddenly your family member seems to be struggling with their breath and they're breathing heavier than they normally do and you notice a fruity smelling odor, like a sugar-free gum on their breath, that could be a sign that their blood sugar is really high and that their body is spiraling into some kind of metabolic catastrophe,” Traylor said.=read more

Saturday, 7 October 2017

34 Weird Little Things Everyone Does When They're Alone

1. Talk to yourself as you do things around the house.
2. Peer into every room for no reason at all, even your housemate's.
3. Practice a bit of your "breakdancing".
4. Check random cupboards to see if anyone happens to be hiding there.
5. Even tiny, tiny gaps where it wouldn't be physically possible.
6. Look in the mirror and practice poses as if you're modelling for a top fashion photographer.
7. Then get naked and inspect yourself in the mirror, especially from behind.
8. Practice your singing at top volume to test if you can really sing.
9. Realise you can't, but fantasise about winning a singing competition anyway.
10. Talk to yourself like you're being interviewed.
11. Put on music and make up a really bad dance routine.
12. Imagine that dance routine getting you into the finals of a national talent show.
13. Have a fake argument in your head and practice how you would shut the other person down.
14. And then storm off dramatically, hitting your knee against the corner of the table as you do so.
15. Scream "OWWWW MY KNEEE IT HURTSSS MUMMMYYYYY" as you rub your knee frantically.
16. Practice speaking in different accents.
17. See how ugly you can make yourself.
18. Wonder what would happen if someone saw this real version of yourself.
19. Hear the doorbell and be convinced someone is coming to kill you.
20. Or that it's your ex just randomly showing up.
21. Go for a shower and then sit in your towel at the edge of the bed for ten minutes.=read more