Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit: The weird and wonderful moments of the campaign

This was an area where the Brexiters dominated. Inone YouGov poll, 46 per cent of Leave voters agreed the referendum would be rigged; 28 per cent thought MI5 was already working on it.
One widely-circulated suspicion was that the government had deliberately crashed the voter registration system to allow more time for Remain supporters to register. (Which discounted the possibility that government websites simply do not function very well.)
Another was that any Leave votes made in pencil would be erased, and converted to Remain votes. And yet another theory was that Sarah Wollaston, the fiercely-independent Tory MP who defected from Leave to Remain, was a government plant.
Daniel Jolley, a professor at Staffordshire University, and Karen Douglas, at the University of Kent, recently conducted an experiment asking 400 people to what degree they subscribed to such theories, including one stating that major broadcasters were colluding with Remain by placing its propaganda on their websites.
They discovered that the degree to which people accepted such theories outstripped almost all other factors as a predictor of their voting intentions. (YouGov’s survey found that only 11 per cent of Remainers thought the vote would be rigged, and 16 per cent that MI5 was involved.)read more

Saturday, 18 June 2016


The odds have it that you have not harbored a longstanding fascination with the sport of competitive tickling. It’s damn near certain that you’ve never participated in, spectated, read up on, or—hell, let’s be frank—even heard of the pastime or its bizarre subculture before happening upon notice of David Farrier’s new documentary Tickled. And I’d venture to guess that it wasn’t so much with an open embrace but a cautious shudder that you endured this late introduction to the competitive tickling netherworld… though maybe I’m just projecting. Unfamiliar, alienating, and almost intrinsically uncomfortable, competitive tickling the sort of subject matter that you can’t imagine anyone having asked to see a movie about. And yet, here we are.
Why we, platonic ideals of the untickled body politic, would bother to engage with a documentary like journalist Farrier’s directorial debut boils down to a question of the human condition… or maybe just a bit of a cop out answer: curiosity. Clean, twisted, hungry human curiosity. The kind that only grows and quickens the stranger, more confusing, and less traversable its subject becomes. It’s the fuel of not only any given viewing of Tickled, but the movie’s very more

Saturday, 11 June 2016


Kangaroo has sex with a pig in AustraliaRyan Frazer said he and a colleague were looking at each other like, "Should we be standing here, watching, taking photos?" Thankfully, the answer was "hell yes," and they snapped a few pics for the greater good of humanity.

After roughly five or 10 minutes of action, Frazer said the pig turned around as if to "reciprocate" the good times, and that's when he and his pal decided they had seen more

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dig for victory! Hungarian grave diggers compete to be the best

(Reuters) - In a graveyard in Hungary, solemn contemplation gave way to frantic sportsmanship on Friday as dozens of grave diggers battled to prove they were the fastest and best in the business.
Taking their places at plots selected by pulling names out of a hard hat, 18 two-man teams waited for an official to shout "Start!" before shoveling at the ground to dig a precise, regulation-size grave as quickly as more