The Bug-A-Salt is an air-powered rifle that blasts a pinch of normal table salt at such high velocity that it is lethal to all manner of creepy-crawlies, including house flies, bluebottles, moths and even spiders.
Unlike conventional fly swatters, which often leave smears of dead fly after they have been squashed, the makers claim that the only clean-up this remarkable device needs is a quick brush.
The pump-action fly-killer has already been snapped up by almost 100,000 people in America, and the device is now available online in the UK, priced around £35.
The plastic shotgun uses compressed air to propel a pinch of table salt at the intended target, and holds enough salt for 50 shots before reloading.
A spokesperson for the company said: "This is a completely safe way to take out an annoying bug.
"Because it uses ordinary granulated table salt, it would never break the skin on even the smallest child - although we do not recommend firing it at people.
"If you've got half-decent aim, you can take out a fly from more than three feet away. It's an extremely effective method of killing pesky mosquitoes and moths as well."
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