Saturday, 5 July 2014

Detachable penises and other amazing sex facts from the animal kingdom

Detachable penises and other weird animal sex facts
The male walrus has the biggest penis bone in the animal kingdom – 66cm (Picture: Mark Warren/
If you think porn’s messed up then frankly you should check out some of the dubious sexual practices that go down in the animal kingdom.
Apparently it’s not weird enough that most mammals have a penis bone, or baculum - there are so many fascinating and peculiar facts it’s frankly amazing Channel 5 hasn’t done a documentary called The Secret Shagging Life Of Cats.
And as for the sea creatures, insects and bugs, they’re even bigger freaks. Here are just some of the strangest sex facts which, if nothing else, will make you very glad you’re not a bed bug.
1. Disposable penises
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