Saturday, 26 July 2014

The weird and wonderful inventions of Kickstarter

Last year, more than £770,000 was pledged towards Kickstarter campaigns every day - that’s £538 a minute. Some three million people pledged £280m to Kickstarter projects, and now American comedian Jon Stewart has followed the trend.
Stewart has launched a mock Kickstarter project that aims to raise $10bn (£5.89bn) to buy CNN. “It’s a lot of money for anyone,” said Stewart on Tuesday. “But not a lot of money for everyone.“
But while Stewart may be joking, his fundraising campaign wouldn’t be the most incredible project made possible by Kickstarter.
Anyone with an idea they're struggling to finance can post on Kickstarter, along with a budget and a description of what the final product will be if the money is successfully raised. Donors are invited to give as much or little as they choose, and the money will only be transferred if the desired budget is reached.
Here are some of the best projects to date that started their lives on Kickstarter. read more

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