Economic plight forces mobsters to go straight

From record-breaking lifts to the hunt for the perfect cheese recipe, here's the weirdest news of the week.
The current economic crisis in Italy is forcing members of the Mafia in Sicily to get “real jobs,” according one of its jailed bosses.
Giovanni Di Giacomo, a Cosa Nostra don currently serving a life sentence, was secretly recorded lambasting recession-induced cutbacks that have forced the closure of the businesses and hotels the gang would extort money from in return for protection.
The result is cuts to support payments to incarcerated members – a Mafia tradition – and the hunt for legal job opportunities by cash-strapped mobsters.
So residents can look forward to being served by Lucky Luciano in a supermarket, or waited on by Don Corleone in a restaurant. You’d definitely make sure you tipped correctly, that’s for sure.