Saturday, 26 April 2014


We all think the tea bag is english but it was invented in 1908 America.Then  during world war 1 a german company  copied the idea ,then became poplular  in post-war cafe society.Blame the germans for daylight saving -intoduced in april 30,1916 to save on coal and people could go to bed earlier.Planes during world war 1 were a world of thier own but this frustrated commanders who could not  c0-ordinate attacks.So in 1917 2 -way radio  were invented  and this lead too the start of air traffic control.1915 poison gas ws used on the eastern front so troops were given gas masks which led to fireman/rescue teams  to more sophisticated breathing gear.To help to tell exact time and be hands free wristwatches came about.The veggie sausage-or freedom sausage was thought up by Konrad Adenauer as a meat substitute-soya.German children  during the winter of 1918 were affected by rickets,A doctor  used ultra -violet -sunlamps-which helped the body with vitamin b.1913 the zip waspoular in clothing /boots of american military.Kimberly-Clark produced a super absorbent surgical dressings for battlefield hospitals.1917 when this was surplus it was to be remarketed as first female hygiene product- Sanitary Towels.At first sanitary towels were  brought in shops in a box by women who discreetly dropped in coins in.Keen to use the absorbent material Kimberly-Clark ironed  them flat put i n  a box and marketed them as facial tissues-Kleenex.

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