Sunday, 13 April 2014

Celebrity vet Chris Brown interrupts 'dolphin orgy' during filming

Australian celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown found himself in the middle of a rather awkward situation when he accidentally interrupted a “dolphin orgy” while trying to film a segment for Channel Ten’s programme The Living Room.
Dr Brown said he was swimming with the animals off the New South Wales coast after attempting to attract them by singing a high pitched tune.
His call appeared to have worked when he suddenly found himself surrounded by dolphins.
"Either they are here because of my call or they are here to tell me to 'shut the hell up'," the surprised vet can be heard saying in a clip from the programme's teaser.
He said he only realised the animals were mating when he watched the segment back.
“I’ve always known dolphins to be incredibly social and inquisitive. And this day they were. But it was different,” Dr Brown told The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confident

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