Saturday, 11 October 2014

Six weird and wacky ways to cut energy bills

1. Radiator Booster
For around £25 you can buy a radiator booster which could cut your heating bills by 10pc, it is claimed. The tube sits on top of a radiator and a small thermostatic fan draws the heat trapped behind the radiator and distributes it evenly around the room. Although the fan does make a small sound, test labs have found the booster heats up a room more quickly than without it.
2. Heat powered fan for wood burning stove
Amazon says that sales for this type of fan are up 72pc since the weather turned cooler this week. The fan sits atop the stove and circulates the warm air that would otherwise be confined to the immediate area of the stove.
They cost around £50 and do not need batteries.READ MORE-

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