Saturday, 25 October 2014

When Did Feminism Become Weird?

Last week Time magazine ran an article entitled It's Not Just You. Feminism Does Seem To Be Getting Weirder. In it, the piece asked how we can push things forward despite pop-culture spinning feminism round faster than a fairground waltzer in reverse.
'On one hand, an increasingly diverse chorus of academic, pop culture, and male voices is claiming the F-word label', it began. 'On the other, it can sometimes look like this diverse set of voices - each with its own set of demands and priorities - will doom the movement through internecine warfare over everything from abortion to hashtag activism.'
The headline itself made me feel weird, much like the celebrity feminism we're calling out these days, but for different reasons.
I find Gwyneth Paltrow's goop website a bit weird or Donny Osmond's wig on last weeks Strictly Come Dancing, but feminism itself? If indeed there is something unnatural or unearthly about this so-called 'crossroads' we hashtag-feminists are tweeting at, is it right to finger-blame an entire movement? I'm not sure that it is, really.
Headlines are, in fact, part of the problem between feminism and the media these days: the personification of feminist theory is a baffling development that increasingly -read more-

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