Saturday, 2 August 2014

Weird science leaves my thoughts all over the place

Scientists, it was reported this week, have managed to separate an object from its speed and observed both, at the same time, but in different places!
They have produced evidence that shows a neutron can be observed in one place while its movement is in another. They’re calling it the quantum Cheshire Cat theory.
I’ve tried to read the research paper. It should come with a large whisky.
This mind-numbing discovery raises serious questions about the role of science in our lives, the main questions being: Have scientists not got anything else better to do, and why the obsession with cats?
The findings would probably have made a bigger story in our media outlets, but Kim Kardashian in a bikini taking a selfie of her backside knocked it off the news schedules.
The quantum Cheshire Cat theory has come around too soon for me, but I can empathise- READ MORE

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