Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mysterious Fissure Splits Ground in Mexico

drone image
A Massive crack tore through more than a half-mile of ground in northern Mexico, according to numerous local reports.  Now experts are struggling to explain what caused it and if it is a threat to public safety.
The mysterious trench in question is up-to nearly 16 feet across at its thickets, and stretches for nearly half a mile according to Sky News, one of the first to report this unusual geological event.
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Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Emergency Management released footage taken by a drone flying over the perplexing crack while motorists remained stopped in their cars on either side of fissured roads as early as Wednesday. It is unclear when the earth was first broken, but residents of northern Mexico reported discovering the fissure earlier this week.
Some local officials and experts alike are blaming seismic activity for the phenomenon, with a 5.0 magnitude earthquake occurring only earlier this more

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