Saturday, 24 December 2016

Weird Christmas traditions happening this weekend around the world

Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, even within the same country, city or household.
To many people in Britain, it often entails seeing family you’ve missed, confronting family you haven’t missed, heavy drinking, twee Christian traditions, re-runs of classic feel-good films, the commodification of gift-giving, or simply a few days’ off to listen to your old-fashioned Nan rant about the country going down the pan.
While the majority of Britons will celebrate Christmas in some capacity, only a minority of the world’s population will, with two billion Christians and non-Christians across the globe recognising the holiday.
The traditional red and white Santa outfit has become a global costume that most prominently represents Christmas, worn to do all sorts of sporting, social and charity events over December worldwide.READ MORE

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