Saturday, 3 December 2016

The weird case of the man who tried to eat himself, and other bizarre brain disorders

Soldier Warren McKinlay spent 18 months as a “walking corpse” after a rare condition left him thinking he was dead.
Warren, 35, from Essex, had Cotard’s syndrome , a billion-to-one condition that leaves sufferers believing they are deceased, as we revealed in the Mirror this week. Some patients even die from starvation after not feeling a need to eat.
But his condition is not the one where the brain plays tricks on the patient. And doctors are still in the dark about the reasons behind many of these rare syndromes.
From believing your loved one is one of the body snatchers to feeling as if the room is shrinking like in Alice In Wonderland, many of these conditions sound more like science fiction, than medical fact...2 More

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