Saturday, 1 October 2016

World of Weird review – entertaining, if not exactly edifying

Tim ‘Pricasso’ Patch and presenter Joel Dommett in their painting outfits.T
here’s a large branch of televisual entertainment that relies on people doing strange and disconcerting things, either as some kind of challenge or ritual humiliation, or as the price you pay for being allowed to call yourself a celebrity when you aren’t really. Then there are those folks who do odd things off their own bat, because they’re odd. You don’t have to give them reasons or offer them money. You just have to find them.
World of Weird (Channel 4) is a series that does just that, and it’s a very sturdy formula. The only possible difficulty its producers might have faced is a global shortage of weirdness, but once they tracked down the man who paints pictures with his penis, I’m sure they felt they were away.
Tim Patch – AKA Pricasso – lives in Queensland in a house he built himself. He wears an outsize pink top hat and matching bow tie when he works, and not much else. He produces, he reckons, about 1,000 canvases a year, mostly on commission, although success in his particular discipline comes at a price. “I go -read more

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