Sunday, 8 March 2015

Why I stopped all the clocks in Swansea

A week ago, 72-year-old David Mitchell clocked off from the only job he has ever known. As usual, he drove between Swansea’s grand old municipal buildings, scaling up ladders with the dexterity of a man half his age, and setting the time on the clock faces which residents of Wales’s second city have for centuries set their watches by. The last stop – as always – was the imposing Portland stone tower of the city’s Guildhall. When he finished, he slipped quietly out of the door and drove home to his wife. It was around 7pm, but the clock said midnight. Time has stood still ever since. The man whose family have proudly been the official clock-watchers of Swansea for the past 60 years has now become responsible for turning them off. For the past seven days, every landmark clock in the city has stayed stuck at midnight or midday – depending on which way you look at it. In an exclusive interview with the Telegraph, after what he admits has been a week of “madness”, Mr Mitchell says he felt forced to make his stand against council cutbacks threatening Swansea’s heritage. As a result, the former Rotary Club president with the bling gold jewellery and British Horological Institute pin in his -READ MORE-

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