Saturday, 21 March 2015

Weird science: The Apple Watch may already be killing you!

You should see the Macalope's biceps right now. He's totally ripped from all the tables he had to flip because of this piece in the New York Times by Nick Bilton. "The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech" Well, Macalope, you say, that's not so bad. What's the problem with noting the health concerns of wearable tech? Yeah, well, here's the original headline: "Could Wearable Computers Be as Harmful as Cigarettes?" AAAAAAAGH! [runs and jumps out of window to save self from deadly lung-cancer-causing wristwatch] Come on, New York Times. We prefer our scare-mongering, link-baiting headlines to come from Forbes or Business Insider. In other words, places where we can safely isolate unrepentant the goofballs and jerkweeds who write these things so they can not affect the population at large with their bizarre fringe theories. Bilton opens by ominously mentioning how the tobacco industry used to use doctors to advertise their products around the middle of the previous century. We all know that's wrong now, right? Well, it's kind of awesome in its audacity, but completely wrong in its cavalier attitude toward, oh, killing millions of people by -READ MORE-

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