Saturday, 17 May 2014


1-Tower Of London-Raven Master-caring for 7 resident ravens. 2-London Dungeons Actor-to add atmosphere to tourist attraction.3-Swan Maker-welfare of all swans in U.K rivers 4 - Aeroplane Wing-walker-daredevil circus-like act.5-Queens Piper-to play everyday at 9.00 am for 15 minutes  under queen,s window.6-Tea Taster-used to rank teas before  blending. 7- Crown Jeweller-care for jewels and supply royal gems. 8- Window Cleaner for The Gherkin-744 windows takes 9 men  10 days to clean.9 -Beefeater-Queens Yeoman Warders-Tower of  London guides and tourist attraction.10- Intelligence-spies -responsible for countering the threat of terrorism.

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