Sunday, 11 May 2014

Being a zombie is weird for Bevan

In The Flesh star Emily Bevan has revealed that she sometimes feels like an outsider when she is in character.
The actress, who plays spirited zombie Amy Dyer in BBC Three's supernatural drama, admitted she has been on the receiving end of some odd looks while they film on location, but said she doesn't mind because the experience allows her to identify with her character.
"It's quite interesting being dressed as a zombie and standing around in a village in Lancashire. You get a lot of kids go past [looking shocked]," she said.
"Most of the time, you're just like 'Whatever' but sometimes, you think, this is what it feels like to be 'other', really really 'other' and to be pointed and looked at. It was really uncomfortable and that was very useful to experience."
Emily, who stars alongside Luke Newberry in the show, revealed her alter-ego Amy will return to the fictional village of Roarton as a different person than before.
"At the beginning of this series, she's found out that she is part of this organisation that has made her feel good about herself and has given her a sense of purpose," she said.
"There's this incredibly charismatic character, played by Emmet J Scanlan, who she is very under the influence of and who she's excited by. She's coming back stronger to Roarton, newly indoctrinated with a new set of ideologies."
She said the show's success is because it tackles subjects that are familiar: "The characters we are portraying are not glossy and perfect model teenagers. They are confused, and that's very real stuff that people can relate toREAD MORE

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