Sunday, 31 July 2016

9 surprising facts about the 1966 World Cup in England

There are several things about the 1966 World Cup we all learned a long time ago. You probably know it's the only trophy the England football team have ever won. You must be aware Sir Geoff Hurst bagged a hat-trick in the final. And, unless you're REALLY bad at maths, you will know that on 30th July 2016, it will be exactly 50 years since that glorious day at Wembley. However, while we all know the obvious details, there are a whole load of 1966 World Cup facts that could really surprise you… 1. Only one of the quarter-finals was on TV 1966 was a much smaller tournament than the modern World Cups, with only 16 teams competing. Even so, not all of the games were on television. It seems inconceivable in an era where Fifa re-jigged the 2014 draw a little to give England-Italy in Manaus a better time-slot for Europe, but in 1966 all four quarter-finals kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday more

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