Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Haunting of Meatloaf Is Exactly As Weird As It Sounds

This week the Lifetime Movie Network show The Haunting Of achieved utter weirdness with its spotlight on Meatloaf.
To be clear, that’s Meatloaf, the singer and actor of Rocky Horror Picture Showand Fight Club fame, not meatloaf, the thing your grandma makes for dinner when you visit her on Sundays. The Haunting Of shows “psychic medium” Kim Russo running interference between the spirit world and celebrities (and, more often, “celebrities” ... lookin’ at you, Tom Green). And this time, it was Meatloaf’s turn.
According to the show, Meatloaf (who insists that Kim Russo call him “Meat,” because everybody does) had a supernatural experience while recording his -READ MORE-

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