Saturday, 19 September 2015

Ten Legitimately Weird Things You Should Probably Know About Your Vagina...Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month..

It's Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, yo. You probably already know that your vagina is an amazing thing. It brings pleasure, periods, and can even bring another tiny human into the world. That’s crazy, right? Crazy it may be, but these are well known titbits of trivia. What about the weird stuff? Because when it comes to that warm, dark space between your pins, there’s always something new you can learn. We speak to The Eve Appeal, who helped to give us the lowdown on the female anatomy.

1. It’s impossible to lose anything in your vagina

And thank God, right?! Think of your vagina like a sock. Not only is a sock also something that men put their penis in, but that’s the actual shape of your vagina. Like a sock! It has an opening and a closed bit that keeps everything from getting lost forever. Before puberty the uterus is about 3.5 centimetres in length, with an average thickness of around 1cm. After puberty it will change to around 7.6 centimetres, with a thickness of 3cm. What all this means is that no matter the length and thickness of your nethers, your uterus will always be too small for anything to go through it, unless you’re giving birth obvs.

2. What do vaginas and sharks have in common?

Not teeth, luckily. They both contain squalene, which is a substance that exists in the liver of a shark, and also in the vagina, as a natural lubricant. Romantic huh? Never have I felt so in touch with nature...READ MORE

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