Saturday, 15 August 2015


Obtaining eternal life is a mainstay on humankind’s bucket list, though doing so would obviously negate the idea of a bucket list altogether. We’ve been at it for millennia, and while we can be pretty pleased with the role of modern medicine in steadily increasing our lifespans, we’re yet to make the big discoveries that will effectively be the modern-day equivalent of the elixir of life. A healthy diet, a good exercise routine, and a ‘positive attitude’ are all well and good, but where is that potion of eternal life from Death Becomes Her? Where are all the Sylvester Stallones and Mel Gibsons being rejuvenated after years of cryogenic freezing? And how the hell do those waterbeds in Interstellar keep people alive for so long? Throughout the ages, humankind has conceived life-extending ideas that have ranged from the fatal to the brilliant – in that order. Where once upon a time whole nations would pursue eternal life based on myths and legends, today scientists are discovering methods for extending our lives that actually look pretty promising. Eternal life may be some way off, but doubling our lifespans might not be. Here is a list of ways that humankind has worked on – and continues to work on – expanding our lifespans by 30, 50 or 100 years. READ MORE-

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