Saturday, 13 June 2015

Frisbees, sandals and picnics: weird things banned by health and safety

You might not think of a postman as a particularly dangerous job. The odd vicious dog might be the biggest risk they might have to contend with. But in Berkshire a worried postman is delaying delivery to a house on a country road because he is too afraid to cross - and the Royal Mail are backing him up. The retired occupants say they're waiting until mid-afternoon to receive their post, when it used to come in the morning. Health and Safety has saved thousands of lives - but it does occasionally lead to some pretty odd situations. Here are a few of the strangest Health and Safety incidents. Watch out for the cobbles The Royal Mail has form when it comes to slightly barmy health and safety. When residents in Bideford, Devon, complained that they weren't receiving their post, they argued it wasn't safe for postmen to travel down the cobbled street.-READ MORE-

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