Saturday, 14 February 2015

Why do men I meet online keep asking me for weird sex?

Dear Eva, After several years in a committed partnership that failed, I have found myself dating again – and it feels like I’ve walked back into some parallel universe where I don’t understand the rules anymore. I went on a date with a guy recently and we spent a lovely day together, came back to my house and started making out. It was then he expressed a desire for me to spit on his face. This is not an isolated incident with an isolated person; again and again, I seem to be encountering men who request sexual acts I would politely regard as ‘specialist’ far sooner into meeting them than I would expect. Am I just meeting jerks because I’m dating over the internet, or is this a thing? Hey, you. You say you’re dating again for the first time in a while. A long hiatus can make it feel like any attention is good attention, but you seem to have already learned firsthand: that’s not the case. So let me tell you straight up: you just need to get better at screening them out, if being spit on is not your thing. If the measure of success at online dating is never having a horrible first date with a jerk, then I am very successful at it. (If the measure of success at online dating is -READ MORE-

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