Sunday, 8 June 2014

Daredevil jumps off 45th floor with a jetpack

It may seem like an extreme way to check-out of a hotel, but a man has jumped off the roof of the Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado with the help of jet pack.
Daredevil Nick Macomber strapped into the hydrogen- and nitrogen-powered jetpack made by Go Fast at sunrise and took off from the 45 floor, making a loop of the building and then landing safely back on the hotel roof. In total, Macomber was airborne for around 30 seconds.
Macomber’s brief journey yesterday was a test flight for a world record attempt from the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere planned for later this year.
Macomber is no stranger to jet pack travel. In 2012 he carried the Olympic torch whilst flying past the National Space Centre in more

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